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Add A White Border for Instagram

How to Output Images with a White Border via Capture One & a Photoshop Droplet 8/8/2022 This is a tutorial for creating a quick workflow to process out square images with a white border. It’s the best way I’ve found to format photos for Instagram Carousels because when you just upload the photos directly to Instagram without a border it will automatically crop them for you and you end up with weird details of the photos instead of the entire image. It’s a bit involved but once you have it up and running it’s a quick process. Record an Action in Photoshop Open a photo in photoshop Begin recording a new action Cmd+option+c to change canvas size Increase by 200% on all sides with white (Or whatever color you want your border) Save image Close image End recording Save the action with an easy title. Mine is “+200% canvas size white border” Create a Photoshop Droplet Open photoshop File -> Automate -> Create Droplet Select the action you just recorded Save it somewhere easy to find like the Photos folder or wherever you save photos. Set up a processing recipe in Capture One and have it open the droplet upon completion JPEG, max out all of the sliders for resolution, size, etc. ‘Save to subfolder’ and name the folder something easy like ‘White Border Added, but Uncropped’ Select “Open With”, select “Other…”, find the Photoshop droplet you just made and select that Run the recipe At this point Capture One will take your original photo, make a jpeg, send it to the droplet, the droplet will run the action in Photoshop and you’ll end up with a jpeg that has comically large borders. Now you have to re-crop and process the files out again from C1. Sounds annoying, but it’s only a hassle on your first go around, once you do this twice it’s fast. Process out a square crop from Capture One Go back to Capture One Make a second process recipe, this time constrained to JPEG 1080 x 1080 pixels (Current recommended Instagram size based on some internet listicle) ‘Save to subfolder’ again and name the folder something obvious like ‘Cropped, ready for Instagram’ or ‘please like my posts so I can be the next Avadon’ or whatever In the Capture One Library navigate to the output folder with the photos that have huge jpeg borders Crop one of the photos with the Square restriction on the crop tool -The biggest drawback with this whole setup at the moment is that C1 doesn’t snap to a grid so you have to crop freehand. I set up the grid to display 13x13 lines and try to eyeball it, seems fine. Apply the crop to all of the photos. It should fit both vertical and horizontal orientations so this goes quickly, just crop the first one then copy and paste Composition settings to all of the images Process these out with the 1080 x 1080 recipe you just made Final Step Post. The. Carousels. I’ve been using Creator Studio because it’s free. I’ve used Planoly in the past - the paid version of Planoly is better than Creator Studio, but Creator Studio is better than the free version of Planoly. Notes There was one time that the process recipe wasn’t working for me but I just restarted my laptop and it was working again. Not sure why, it may have been a version update for Photoshop or Capture One Once it’s up and running it’s the most efficient method I’ve tried, but hit me up if you have a better workflow!

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