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mark carter

We did this at Montonos Beach, Puerto Rico. There was a little house there during The North Face's athlete summit. I took it over for a studio. It was a dream. Surfing in the morning, portraits in the afternoon. People surfing and riding and crashing out in front of the studio. A pink party wave of blowup flamingos. Scrambling around the island, sunset sessions. The athlete summits are idyllic, perfect for this. Everyone is unworried.  Salty from the ocean. The set paper gets hit with a breeze. The sunsets were more than I can write about, more than I could photograph.

el cap tower and the texas flake

October 20th, 2018

Two parties moving up to El Cap Tower, another basking in the sun way out left, just in line with the westernmost point on the Texas Flake. I miss this place. There's such good people here. Gonzos.

not for nothing

At least one party in this photo. Just down and left from center. Where the light and the shadow and the big seam come together. This was after The Nose. A four day odyssey I hope to repeat. Maybe a bit quicker next time! Being in the Valley floor for sunset, loafing around in the grass. Drinking some wine, eating a bit. Meet more people. A good rest day.

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