Babsi Zangrel and Jacopo Larcher on the Great Roof & Pancake Flake pitches on the Nose, El Capitan.

The black void is 2,000 feet of air above Yosemite Valley.

This was an incredible moment for me because a few days after this they made history as the 8th and 9th people ever to free this route. It was the first time I've really shot something historically significant, even if it's a pretty niche piece of history. 

Also because, to get these photos I rappelled 3,000 feet of granite, completely solo. Once I went in direct to the first anchor and pulled the rope I was committed to rapping the whole route. In retrospect, it was pretty unnerving. I'll use fixed lines next time. But how often does anyone rap the whole route? Probably not very often.  

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